Getting Crafty for Christmas

If like me you are always on the lookout for Christmas gifts, unique birthday presents or you just like treating yourself to ‘one of its kind’ items then you may have already visited a craft fair.

That’s what today’s blog is all about – my love of craft fairs.  There are two near me that I visit on an annual basis.  The first one of the year is at Hatfield House in May which is run by Living Crafts and my late summer treat is at Penshurst Place in September which is run by ICHF  If blessed with nice weather then you can turn visiting one of these fairs into a relaxing day out.

The above two fairs have about ten large tents filled with handmade clothes, jewellery, candles, bags, soaps, stationery, paintings, ornaments, children’s wooden toys, garden ornaments, pottery, cards, wicker baskets, wooden furniture etc the list is long and there is something to catch everyone’s eye.  Even my anti-shopping husband!



Just to give you an idea during my visit to Penshurst Place in September I purchased from Charlotties Creations a Handmade Unicorn Print Cosmetic bag.  My friend has a love of unicorns and this seemed perfect.  The bag is really well made, which we know as it was made in front of us.  I know it’s not something that you can find in the High Street and filled with a few bath bits will make a nice gift for my pal.

100% can’t help visiting a craft fair without spending an age at the Emma Ball stand deciding what my purchase will be.  I have to get something.  Emma is an artist that designs greetings cards, stationery and homeware with simply lovely pictures.  I bought four items from Emma this year and was silly enough to just have a peep at her website………


My last purchase for the day was a wedding gift from Glass with Care.  I purchased a candle holder.  Something different but I liked the clean shape and elegance of the holder.  Secretly I would like one but we don’t have the space – big sad face.

I walk round the fairs going ‘If we had a bigger home’……

The last tent we always visit is the food tent – nothing purchased this year but previously we have purchased Raspberry wine.  We bought a bottle for all our friends for Christmas and handmade chocolate but this was for us!!!  There are always, olives, cheese, pies up for grabs!

I am a lover of a picnic and enjoy packing up our picnic rucksack for the day but if you go along empty handed you won’t go hungry as there are a number of catering vans with something for everyone.


The two events I have mentioned always have some kind of musical entertainment going on outside of the tents and an activity for children to get involved with. I saw tree climbing, pot throwing, bird of prey display and archery at Penshurst Place this year.  There are outside stalls as well selling garden wares and ornaments.

To extend your day even more you could always pay the entrance fee to visit Hatfield House or Penshurst Place itself.  Top tip! At Penshurst Place you can access the large children’s playground without paying any extra money, shame the ice creams aren’t free too.

You don’t need to visit a large organised craft fair to find a different gifts look out for local events in your village hall or whilst on holiday.  In Yorkshire this year I found lovely shop called Dukes and Roses in Helmsley and I purchased a few gifts, there are always some treasures hidden away in small towns.

If you like something a bit different get crafty for Christmas! If it is too late for this year, it is never too late for next.

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