A day out at the bootsale – a sellers view

It’s perfect bank holiday weekend weather in my little corner of the country…..perfect for doing a bootsale.  After a year of my mum and I decluttering we felt we had enough stock to do a bootsale.  We have been storing the items in my mum’s spare room and had five plastic boxes full of our unwanted items and she was getting tired of having them in her house.

I believe a bootsale is a British tradition so for anyone reading this not from the UK I am not talking about a shoe sale.  A bootsale is an outdoor sale at which people sell unwanted possessions from the boots of their cars.

The items we were selling were not of a high value.  If I remember rightly the highest priced item we sold was £4 and we had to pay an entrance fee of £12.  There is a bootsale nearby that only charges a £7 entrance fee, but it’s slightly smaller and as a seller you need to be there very early.  As I was going with my mum and dad this is a bit too early for them.

We put cheap paper table clothes on our two tables to make them look nice, had a plastic tarpaulin to present the bigger items on the grass next to us and put the items we thought would sell at the front. To lure people in.

In a way I think we sold most of our items far too cheaply, mostly 50p to £1 but we didn’t want to take ‘stuff’ home with us.  If you are a regular bootsale seller then you can ask for the higher price as there is always next week, but for us it was best to sell cheap than not at all.

Even with the cheap prices, be prepared that around 50% of people will always want to haggle the price down, so summon your inner salesman and stand firm if you are not prepared to go lower!  Some people are more adept at haggling than others. Also check the coins carefully that you given, I was passed a euro instead of a £1 coin and did not notice until I got home.

For some of the larger items like a pair of curtains we stuck prices on them and it seemed to work well.  We also had a plastic tray filled with silly bits and pieces but marked up as the 10p box.  Everyone likes to have a rummage.

I did notice that nobody was interested in photo frames or cosmetic bags but I guess another time they might sell.  I still have a little bit of a tidying out to do and hope to do another bootsale towards the end of the summer.

I love being outside, we took a picnic with us and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was a morning out and I was very happy with the £57.55 profit (I subtracted the £12 entrance fee).  Someone else might say it’s not worth the time and effort but I will let you be the judge of that.

How about you?  Do you go to bootsales, are you a buyer with a keen eye for a bargain or a hard nose seller who won’t drop their prices…? Would love to know 🙂


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