100% Honest Reviews 5

Welcome to my fifth product review of this year.  Please can we rewind and pretend it’s May?  I haven’t blogged in over a month which I put down to enjoying the British summertime.   My aim is to review five new products each month through to November.  Then in December I will reveal my favourite five products.  The opinions in this blog are purely my own with some occasional input from my husband.  I am not being paid for this blog and have picked the items myself.  It’s 100% an honest review.





I should really learn to take the photos before I eat the items!

The Reel Fish Co – Reel Tuna in Spring Water


Occasionally I like to enjoy a tuna sandwich.  I usually purchase John West tuna in brine however recently I have not fancied this because I feel the tuna is not very good quality .  I spotted the Reel Fish Co tuna on offer and decided to give it a go.  It’s usual price is £1.50 for a 160g can.  When I opened the can instead of being storm cloud grey like the John West tuna it was a light beige colour.  You did have to drain the tuna well as it’s sitting in spring water.  It tasted very nice and would I purchase again……Yes I already have

Activa Strawberry Yogurts


We had run out of our normal Yeo Valley yoghurts and saw the Activa yoghurts on offer (the usual selling price is £2) and thought we would give them a go.  The yoghurts had small bits of strawberry in them and I love fruity yoghurts with bits however we found the yoghurts to have an artificial aftertaste.  This may be because they are reduced fat.  I can see the health benefits but would I purchase again……No

Black Sheep Craft Bakery – White Bloomer


This is an exclusive to Waitrose and a purchase my husband made.  He was drawn towards the bread with a dream of thick white doorstep sandwiches.  He enjoyed the bread as a double fried egg sandwich and as beans on toast but he said for a normal sandwich it was a bit dry.  If we had room to keep a loaf in our freezer for bacon sandwich days I would but sadly we don’t have the space therefore would I purchase again……No

The next two items I got for next to nothing through Shopmium.  If you don’t know what this is then check out my blog post A guide to Shopmium

Original Source – Mint and Tea Tree foaming shower gel

 mint gel

It’s my husband that uses and has been using for years Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel.  When we saw we could purchase the new foaming shower gel for £1 I bought a can.  It did roughly last for the thirty five washes as advertised; he felt that he used a lot less than he normally does and it soaped up well.  Now the can has been used up my husband has gone back to the normal shower gel which he thinks is not as good but it’s a third if the price,  We can  buy the shower gel for £1 the new foaming gel is just over the £3 mark.  Would I purchase again……Maybe if it’s on offer.

Amy’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Rice Mac & Cheese


The Mac and Cheese had a very strong cheese taste and as you consumed the dish all you could taste is the salt.  For the usual price of £2.40 it was a fairish sized portion but you need to serve with some salad and garlic bread.  It was convenient that you could bung in the oven from frozen though I reduced the cooking time for my fan oven.  You could not taste the macaroni but perhaps this is because of the strong cheese taste. Would I purchase again……No


I thought it would be quite difficult trying five new products each month but it’s been actually quite easy and interesting keeping log of what I have liked and disliked.  Many thanks for reading


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