Living Crafts – Hatfield House 2018

If you happened to read my blog post Getting Crafty for Christmas you will know that Living Crafts at Hatfield House is an annual event.  If you have not read my previous blog, it is a large outdoor craft fair and I love being outside in a field (dry weather is preferable) wandering aimlessly from tent to tent seeing the new ideas of the exhibitors.

It turned out to be the perfect weather for walking round this year.  Not too hot, as it can be stuffy in the tents, and no rain.

I had religiously marked the craft weekend in the calendar back in January and have been looking forward to the day out for weeks.

There were ten main tents and numerous smaller exhibitors.


Many items caught my eye and I kept saying….if only I had a bigger home! The items I didn’t buy that I would have liked are…. a wicker basket – I like the idea of owning one for….. something.  Glass Relief – wave panels.  Take a look at the website they are very, very, very nice.  Pete’s Turning Crazy wooden kitchen roll holderDrift Wood Mirrors which gave me an urge to go beach combing.  Goblin book ends and a wooden bee hotel (I do already have one but this one was pretty and I like to see them in the garden).


I did however treat myself to a few items and didn’t go home empty handed so I can’t complain.  I bought a heart shaped dish from Canterbury Pottery.  The glazes they use on their pottery are bright and colourful and I’m looking to buy a flowerpot holder next year for my kitchen window sill. A cat pad from Emma Ball.  I can’t walk past her stand without buying something.  If you are a fan of stationery check out her website and enjoy.  A wooden puzzle for my friends new baby.  At bit advanced for a newborn but something to grow into.  The last item in the green bag was a handmade candle for my friend but I didn’t know if I would be seeing her before the blog post was published hence the mystery bagged item.

We arrived at ten and by twelve had seen everything we wanted to and headed back to the car for a picnic.


The picnic gave us the energy to walk to the main house and have a stroll around the gardens.  You gain free entrance to the gardens with your ticket but entrance to the house is extra.  There is a regular shuttle bus if you can’t manage the walk or just fancy being lazy.  There are formal gardens and a woodland area with pretty rhododendrons.

The day out cost us £12 each which is just about the right price.  Anymore and I would think twice about going as for the two of us that’s £24 before you purchase anything but you do get a day out at a lovely location.

I would love to hear from anymore craft fair fans out there.




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