100 Word Short Story – No.3

I wrote this short story while having my breakfast this morning.  I find it funny but hope you find it understandable.

Please let me know what you think good or bad.  I appreciate honest feedback.  I would  like to read some other 100 Word Short Stories. If you have written one please let me know.

The Invisible Line

Both sides wanted a win.  During these tense moments there was minimal conversation.  They knew what they sought after, the same thing, space.  One side used their force and strength; the other side sneaky tactics. There could only ever be one winner on the night.  Tonight was no different. Side A dominated the area waiting patiently for side B to appear.  Side B seemed calm and showed no emotions. Side A moved to turn off the light, side B shifted over stealthy.  Within less than a minute you heard ‘will you get over, this is my side of the bed!


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