100% Honest Reviews 6

Another month another five products.  When I started reviewing five new products a month I thought it was going to be difficult picking items to buy that would fit in with our normal diets and routine but it’s proven easy.  Shopmium helps, if you don’t know what this is then check out my blog post here  A guide to Shopmium.

My aim is try five new products each month up until December.  Then in December I will pick my top five products of the year.   The opinions in this blog are purely my own with some occasional input from my husband.  I am not being paid for this blog and have picked the items myself.  It’s 100% an honest review.

My first product of the month was purchased via Shopmium and I have managed to get another free tub today.

Laughing Cow – Creamy Cheese Spread – Light


I expected this to be exactly the same as Philadelphia which is my normal go to brand, however it seemed creamer, smoother and richer, though I do normally buy my cream cheese with chives in it. It’s also slightly cheaper than Philadelphia – £1.45  for 150g.  The pot was nice and sturdy and easy to reseal. Would I purchase again……Yes

Loyd Grossman – Tomato and Basil Sauce


I normally purchase the pasta sauce that is on offer and we mix with fried pepper, roasted chicken, pasta and some basil as a quick and easy tea.  However my husband picked out this sauce and we liked it so much that we have purchased again.  It was flavorsome with no horrid aftertaste and it contains very few ingredients. It’s £2.05 for a jar which is reasonable. Would I purchase again……Yes I already have

 Marks and Spencer – Egg Tagliatelle


My mum gave me some of this tagliatelle to try and it’s so nice.  You could eat a serving of this with very minimal sauce as it could easily be the star of the dish on its own.  At £1.80 for 500g it’s a fair price for quality pasta and it’s made me want to try some more egg pasta from M&S. Would I purchase again……Yes I already have

 Latin America Santa Maria  Medium Salsa


This was an accident purchase.  I put salsa on the shopping list, meaning a fresh tomato salsa and my husband purchased this instead.  I was a little disappointed at his mistake at first but what a good mistake to make and I have been enjoying this salsa with salads and chips and it makes a nice accompaniment.  It has a slight after taste, is not very spicy (I don’t like foods too hot) and it lasts in the fridge for two weeks.  An average price of £1.65 for the pot. Would I purchase again……Maybe, if only as I’d like to try something else to see if I can find something even better

Linwoods Milled Organic Linseeds


I purchased this item to try and increase Omega three in our diet and have been adding one tablespoon to out breakfast cereal in the morning or in yoghurt in the evening.  It tastes better on cereal than yogurt as it spoils the taste of the yogurt. It naturally tastes nice with your breakfast cereal as it blends in. The bag is really full and I think it will last us a month so £3.49 is a fair price.  It’s pre-ground to assist with absorption into the body. Would I purchase again……Maybe



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