A visit to Pulborough Brooks

We have visited a couple of RSPB reserves over the years they make a nice day out that is not expensive, but is very informative, comes with a handy map to plan your day, relaxing and you don’t have to be a bird twitcher to enjoy because I’m not!

We arrived at Pulborough Brooks Sussex on a blistering hot Monday morning.  Dressed appropriately for the adventure before us we paid our entrance fee and collected a map from the visitor centre.  We opted for the Wetland trail first but were warned that due to the hot weather it was not that wet….Off we went.

Peaceful – the kind of place where the sound of gravel underfoot is relaxing

Walking along the trail was very tranquil.  The only noise we heard was the steady hum of the insects and the scurrying of rabbits and squirrels. The path had shady spots which were much needed and we took a slow walk to Nettley’s Hide.  We sat here for ages just looking.  Although we did not really see anything it was the ultimate in getting away from everything.

While at Jupp’s view we spoke to a RSPB volunteer who told us about the damaging effect of the long dry spell on nature.  For example the wetlands were shrunk in size and the invertebrates were clustered into a small area making it easy for the herons to wipe them and nine years hard work out in one go.  The dragonflies lay their eggs on the edge of the water but the water level was still shrinking drying out the eggs.  I am a sun lover and enjoyed the long hot spell but it got me wishing for rain.

We walked along Adder Alley in the midday sunshine, we saw several reminders that they are beautiful creatures, but thankfully did not see any to confirm that! We had a much needed stop at the last hide where we saw two lapwings.

After having our picnic in the garden of the visitors centre and popping into the shop to buy our Christmas cards – yes on one of the hottest days of the year but they were pretty, we decided to navigate our way along the Wooded Heathland trail. It was not that easy to follow and we did get lost.  Luckily we were able to ask a RSPB member of staff who just happened to point us in the right direction.  The scent of the trees and the woodland was lovely and something that should be bottled into aftershave.

The highlight of the woodland walk was the Black Pond.  My mobile photo does not do it justice but we could see how the pond got its name.


We spent a good five and a half hours at the reserve and it was a lovely relaxing day out.  I would like to visit again when there was some more water and perhaps the opportunity to see more birds.


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